Meteorology, sixteenth edition: Part I Core SARPs

Annex 3


Chapter 4 



4.4 SPECI message is not issued.



At BYDGOSZCZ/Szwederowo, ŁÓDŹ/Lublinek and ZIELONA GÓRA/Babimost aerodromes RVR during periods of reduced visibility is reported exclusively at the request of TWR air traffic controller.

6.3.1  TREND forecasts are prepared only for Warsaw Chopin Airport.

NOTE According to the agreement between Polish Air Navigation Services Agency and Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.


No take-off forecasts are issued.

NOTE Aeronautical meteorological stations and meteorological forecasting offices deliver information for take-off, exclusively at the request of flight crew members or operators.

Chapter 9

9.2  Consultations and briefings for flight crews and users are provided by the staff of aeronautical meteorological stations except Warsaw Chopin Airport where they are provided by the Central Aeronautical Forecasting Office.


Appendix 2:



SWC chart for low levels (SWL) is prepared four times per every H24 with validity time: 0000, 0600, 1200, 1800 UTC. The chart is available four hours before its effective time.

 Appendix 3: a

State and temperature of the sea are not provided.

 Appendix 5:


Temperature forecasts are not issued.





METAR are issued at half-hourly intervals.

Chapter 6