1.1 National regulations and practices related to facilitation in international air transport are applicable within international airports of Poland in accordance with the Standards and Recommendations contained in Annex 9 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago 1944) to which Poland is signatory.

1.2 Aircraft entering or leaving the territory of Republic of Poland shall conduct first landing or last departure at/from international aerodrome or heliport listed in AIP Poland in part AD 2 or AD 3.

1.3 All flights into, from or over the territory of Poland and landing in this territory may be carried out only in accordance with the valid Polish, Community and international civil aviation regulations and, in particular, with the rules contained in the ENR section of this publication.

1.4 Applications approval.

The authority responsible for approval of applications for flight(s) within the WARSZAWA FIR will inform the civil ATS unit about its decision in written form using available communication media not later than on the day of the planned flight.