Other Activities of Danger Areas and Other Potential Hazards


1.1 Radio sonde balloons are launched within the WARSZAWA FIR from three fixed points determined by the following coordinates:

1) 52°24'N 020°58'E Legionowo

2) 51°07'N 016°53'E Wrocław

3) 54°45'N 017°32'E Łeba

1.2 The maximum altitude (ceiling) - 35000 m, at horizontal displacement radius - 200 km.

1.3 Unit responsible for information: IMGW Ośrodek Aerologii, ul. Zegrzyńska 38 05-119 Legionowo

1.4 Baloons are launched every day between the following hours (UTC): from 1100 to 1300 from 2300 to 0100 Average baloon flight time (120 minutes).